Monday, August 24, 2009

Tebow: The Minor-League Baseball Gimmick

Just got an email from the PR staff of the Fort Myers Miracle minor-league baseball team, which on Wednesday is holding "What Would Tim Tebow Do?" Night. Yes, they really are.

*Free promise rings for everyone entering the stadium.

*First pitch will be a "jump pass."

*Team manager and gameday staff will deal with problems by asking themselves "What Would Tebow Do?"

*Guy named "Tim Tebow" (not THAT Tim Tebow) will try to walk on some water.

*Faith healer on premises (bonus: if a Miracle fielder makes an error during the game all fans in attendance get a ticket to the regular-season finale next weekend -- really?)

*Plenty of jumbotron replaying of "The Promise."

*If you're wearing college gear at the game -- presumably Florida stuff -- you could win tickets to the Florida-Arkansas game.

Honestly, if the team can sell out a mid-week game at the end of August using only Tim Tebow's name, then that would truly be the Miracle. (Then again, the team is in 1st place in its division in the Florida State League.)

Really, if you live in the area and you are a big Tebow fan, this seems like a pretty fun event to get to -- this kind of crazy is only going to last for a few more months.

Kudos to the Miracle for having some fun with it. I can imagine there will be several bloggers out there who will have a few more clever -- if totally inappropriate -- ideas for this.

(Wait: Inappropriate? More inappropriate than giving out "promise rings" to all fans coming through the gate?)


  1. Promise rings you have got to be kidding me! Let the man play football.

  2. "What Would Tim Tebow Do?" Oh, wow. That is taking it to the next level.

    (It was a reasonable prediction on your part to say "this kind of crazy is only going to last for a few more months," but I look forward to reading your commentary on the more recent Tebowmania as I work my way though your blog!)