Friday, August 28, 2009

Must-Read: Thamel NYT Feature On Tebow
Plus: Tebow Quote of the Day: Urban Meyer

Earlier today, I linked to a Q&A that the New York Times' Pete Thamel did with Tim Tebow. That interview -- along with Thamel's original reporting -- resulted in this feature, about Tebow's inspirations and aspirations, off the field. Again, an absolute must-read.

It also has today's Tebow Quote of the Day, from Florida coach Urban Meyer:
"Tim has come at the right time. I'm a father, and I want to give my kids something positive to watch. I think that's why Tim is the phenomenon that he is. Enough about steroids and Michael Vick; let's talk about Tim Tebow."
There's no question: Tebow's off-field philanthropy; the personal values that underlie it; and the transparency and sincerity with which he talks about it all combine to support the mania that surrounds him.

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