Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More From Tebow On His Back, Shoulder

The big news out of practice yesterday: Tebow's back is fine, testing it out yesterday, saying:

"Ran around head-butting people, so good to go."

The bigger news: Tebow's non-throwing shoulder needed pain-killing shots before every game last season, after he injured it in the Hawaii game.

"That's just stuff you have to deal with. That's football. ... I will never pull myself out of the game. I just love playing too much. Some people say it's probably being hardheaded out there, too."

The biggest news: Tebow says his shoulder feels better than it has since 2006.

"It's more comfortable than it was last year or the year before. It's just so much easier now. I can take hits and smile, not grunt now. That will be nice."

That should end any lingering weekend speculation that Tebow's shoulder -- or anything else -- will be a problem for him this season.

More good stuff from the Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler on Tebow's injury history.

Even more good stuff from ESPN.com's Chris Low.

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