Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Word: "What Would Tebow Do" Night

36 hours later, the Fort Myers Miracle's "What Would Tim Tebow Do?" Night -- renamed "What Would T.T. Do?" Night -- remains a hot topic of conversation. (See updates at end of that post.)

You could see the gimmick's name-change coming a mile away -- even if the team didn't have absurd components of the promotion like promise rings for everyone and the rumored (but ultimately cancelled) mock circumcision.

Obviously, Florida's position was clear -- and correct. I also am sure that Tebow -- to the extent that he even heard about this -- might have found it mildly amusing, right up to the point where the whole thing became an open mockery of Tebow's religious values.

But keep in mind the goal of every minor-league team: Publicity. They hope it leads to ticket sales, but -- in the absence of that -- national publicity will work just fine.

Given the massive publicity that the Miracle earned for this -- and, to be honest, I am shocked that they were the first to think of it -- I expect other minor-league teams to follow suit, except that it is the end of the baseball season; by next year, Tebow will be a pro.

There is also this idea, discussed yesterday, that there is an aura to Tebow this year that is dominating, in all of sports -- next year, when he is an NFL rookie, he will be a curiosity, but not nearly the sensation that he is this fall.

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