Thursday, August 27, 2009

Does Tebow To Jags Make Business Sense?

There is a presumption that the Jaguars should draft Tim Tebow, if only because he would be a fan favorite -- which would, again presumably, translate into ticket sales.

That's a lot of leaps and assumptions, which the FT-U's Vito Stellino rightly points out, with a fairly novel litmus test: Put the Senior Bowl in Jacksonville. Have Tebow play in the Senior Bowl.

If the Senior Bowl sells out -- presumably because of Tebow's appearance -- then the "Tebow will sell tickets" case is much much stronger, as is the case for the Jags to draft him.

I think Tebow's draft will come down to the Jaguars' emotional response to local pressure versus the Patriots' unemotional recognition that Bill Belichick could turn Tebow into a monster.

(I am fascinated by the notion that the Pats -- one of the most cunning drafters in the league -- would "reach" to get Tebow, if they decided the Jaguars were going to take him very early.)

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