Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tim Tebow Says He Is A Virgin, Saving Himself for Marriage

Via Fanhouse's Clay Travis' Twitter feed, from his AOL live-blog (and this post):

"Tim Tebow, flawless, saving himself for marriage. Just asked, confirmed."

Tebow's virginity is the new LeBron being dunked on. I think that sums it up, as far as stunning pieces of possibly-irrelevant-but-nevertheless-sensational-(if-hardly-prurient) trivia.

Tim Tebow's virginity instantly jumps to the very top of Tebow's mythology.

More than the circumcisions.
More than the Promise.
More than the ministering to prisoners.

I am impressed that Travis asked. And, I think Clay would agree, the confidence and clarity with which Tebow answered is stunning.

You could kind of see it coming, but to hear it come from him? Like: "Just when you thought the guy couldn't be more virtuous -- more 'walk the talk.'"


UPDATE: The topic has stirred quite a bit of controversy, with most folks on Twitter (a) shocked the question was asked; (b) questioning its appropriateness; or (c) taking it in stride, mostly making good-natured jokes.

SI's Stewart Mandel seems to be getting some RT traction with this tweet: "SEC Media Days hits a new low - a writer asked Tim Tebow whether hes a virgin. Unreal."

I responded that I think Mandel is being a little too sensitive about it -- particularly considering that Mandel's OWN MAGAZINE put Tebow's religious values on the table -- AND ON ITS COVER -- THIS WEEK. I mean, good god (literally): Save your sanctimony, Stew.

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