Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tebow NFL Watch: Following Up Yesterday's Vick-Tebow-Pats Thing: Vick-Tebow to Jags?

I love my Tebow-to-the-Patriots theory, but I recognize that the Jaguars could pre-empt that strategy by doing whatever they need to in order to keep the local star at home in Jacksonville.

And so while there is a great case to be made for the Patriots picking up Michael Vick -- perhaps even as an alpha test before drafting Tim Tebow -- there is a lot of chatter that the Jaguars might sign Vick.

It's not a bad idea: The Jaguars could use the p.r. sizzle -- for better or worse -- of having Vick. Like the Patriots, they could use Vick to test "Wildcat-ish" formations. Why would they do that?

Because like the Patriots, the Jaguars have been ID'ed as a strong candidate to draft Tim Tebow next year. Tebow's Jacksonville roots -- and Florida's strong fan presence in Jax -- make him an ideal pick, if the team's goal is to boost its marketing power.

Drafting Tebow as an heir to David Garrard isn't a bad notion, either. Give Garrard two more seasons, then turn the QB role over to Tebow. In the meantime, Tebow can line up in situational Wildcat-ish formations (presuming Del Rio -- or whoever is the coach -- deploys him that way).

It all might be a moot point if the Jaguars relocate to L.A. anyway -- note that the LA Times was on top of the Vick-Jaguars story -- although having Tebow would give the LA Jags instant star-wattage, in a town run by it.

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