Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tebow Links for a Saturday Morning

Interesting Tebow-related reads to keep you busy this Saturday morning...'s Jemele Hill: Terrific take on the "virgin" thing. She gets it. This deserved its own post. I'll take care of that later this weekend.

Jeff Pearlman: On the SI cover story, "What's to celebrate?" (He's not a fan. I have known Pearlman through the years and I think he oversimplified/went "contrarian" -- I'm going to try to connect with him for an online discussion here to dive into this further.)

Poynter Institute: Tebow "virgin" question was out of line.

Virginian-Pilot: More on "virgin" debate.

Auburn Undercover: High praise from a rival (and a rival that, by all rights, gets more bragging rights over Florida than any other team in the SEC).

Gator Bytes: Ben Volin wraps up the Steve Spurrier/"Vote" meme. I'm torn: Maybe Spurrier made an honest mistake -- or maybe he wanted to make sure he was the center of attention at SEC Media Days. (If the former, why wouldn't he clear it up before SECMDs? Exactly.)

Sporting News' Spencer Hall: My SN colleague with his own take on Spurrier. Hall (or, in his other life at is always a must-read.

Gator Clause: Coveted HS RB Mack Brown commits to Gators at Friday Night Lights (and, apparently, "Next/Poor Man's Tim Tebow" Trey Burton had a big hand in that, as he has with every commitment in the 2010 class.)

Gainesville Sun: Robbie Andreu (excellent, even though he never returns my emails) wraps up SECMDs. Money quote: "I’ve been covering SEC Media Days since 1992, and this was the craziest one yet. By far."

Saurian Sagacity: Comes out with its preseason Top 25 ballot, always intriguing and non-traditional. And guess who's No. 1?

Beckett Blog: Tebow interest for trading-card collectors is very high. (Interesting nugget: Tebow will make his debut on the cover of the Beckett magazine next month.)

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