Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mystery: Which Coach Dissed Tebow?

The SEC coaches' preseason all-conference teams came out today. Unsurprisingly, Tim Tebow was the 1st-team QB. Very surprisingly, he was not a unanimous selection.

Any guesses as to which coach (or, I guess, coaches) left Tebow off their ballot?

I would have guessed Houston Nutt, but coaches can't pick their own players, so it's not like he could have picked Jevan Snead.

I am going to go out on a limb and say it was Lane Kiffin. His reasoning? Just because. Extra points for the first media type at Media Day to ask him directly which QB he voted for.

Here's the thing: These things will come out. They always do. A good beat reporter will ask his SEC coach if he did/didn't vote for Tebow. Coach better hope he's not on Florida's schedule.

All of this could be avoided if the SEC actually made their coaches' ballots public, right from the start. Why the secrecy? What's the point?

(FWIW: Unanimous 1st-teamers: Ciron Black, Eric Berry, Julio Jones.)

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