Thursday, July 30, 2009

Future Tim Tebow: Trey Burton?

Let's start with this: It is unfair to label any QB -- let alone a future Florida QB -- as "the next Tim Tebow." Or "poor man's Tim Tebow." Or even "Tebow-ish." Let's retire the template.

But the fact is that any big-boned dual-threat QB with a modicum of vocal leadership skills will be compared to Tebow -- particularly if he is going to Florida.

That's Trey Burton
, the 6-foot-3, 200-pound 2010 commitment from Venice, FL. He was the first commitment of the 2010 recruiting class -- after his sophomore year.

Right away, he began recruiting other stars for his class -- like Georgia stud RB Mack Brown, who committed after last week's Friday Night Lights, swiped away from Bulldog country.

And he's not stopping. The leadership seems "Tebowesque" (god, I hate typing that), which is good. That's what you want as the baseline -- Meyer and Loeffler will teach him how to be a QB.

Now, Burton will come in next fall and sit behind John Brantley for at least two years, if not behind 2009 freshman QB Jordan Reed for another year after that.

And you never know what kind of "next Tebow" that Urban Meyer will recruit behind him, who will push him for playing time. (See Meyer's recruitment of 2010 QB stud Jesse Scroggins.)

But, again, Tebow's larger legacy -- and you see it throughout his mythic adventures over the past three years -- is leadership.

(Talent and winning, yes, but leadership more than anything, which you could probably define as the link between your individual talent and the team's larger success.)

Don't know much about Burton's talent on the field, but he fits Meyer's mold for the type of leader he wants to see in his quarterback, no matter what the name on the back of the jersey.

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