Tim Tebow Gained More Attention Than Barrack Obama

Tim Tebow Gained More Attention Than Barrack Obama

Tim Tebow Gained More Attention Than Barrack Obama – If you are a fan of the American football game, you must have familiar with Tim Tebow. He pursues his American football career since he was in college and now, he becomes one of the most valuable players in America. But, do you know that he gained more attention than Barrack Obama?

– Tim Tebow vs Barrack Obama
Barrack Obama sparked controversy when attending the annual Gridiron Club dinner in 2015. Politicians attended it, but it was closed for reporters. It made the attendees let their guards down and it also led the former president to mention Hillary Clinton’s email controversy. It became a piece of sensational news, but it couldn’t be compared to Tebow’s news which is viral.

The news started when Adam Schefter reported that Philadelphia Eagles wouldn’t sign with Tebow and 88 minutes later, he reported back that they signed with Tebow. Some people were in shock with this news, and some others weren’t, stated that they had predicted it to happen. The news broke out and Tebow becomes the most searched name on Google more than Obama’s joke, this time even more viral than any online gambling games.

– Kim Kardashian in the Sport World
He doesn’t only gain more attention than Obama, but he is also named as Kim Kardashian in the sports world because of his popularity. He gained more attention since his career in college and he gained more attention when he beat Sam Bradford in NFL draft spotlight in 2010. The popularity doesn’t stop there because he also gained more public recognition when he was in a playoff run in 2011 with the Denver Broncos. In 2013, Forbes conducted a poll and it was found that Tebow was America’s most influential athlete with most influential games when it play.

You can also see his unbeatable popularity in his official social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. He has more than 2.9 million followers on Twitter and more than 2.1 million friends on Facebook. The numbers are amazing because he beats the popularity of the current active football players. He pursued another career as a baseball player, but he is still more famous than Tony Gonzalez, who retired in the same year as him.

Tim Tebow has gained more attention than the infamous Barrack Obama’s speech in the past. He sparked controversy because of his eye black and he became one of the most searched names in Google for more than once. No wonder, he is named as the Kim Kardashian in the sports world.

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