Tim Tebow and His Charitable Works

Tim Tebow and His Charitable Works

Tim Tebow and His Charitable Works – Tim Tebow has been widely known from his Christian faith. He sparked controversy by wearing biblical verses on his eye black which made it banned from the game. But, not only his controversy but he also known from his charitable works. Here is the list you might want to know.
– Strong Cristian Faith
It is not a secret anymore that Tebow is one of the devoted American football players. He showed his strong beliefs since he was a college football player. He didn’t wear his eye black ordinarily, but he added biblical verses on it, such as Proverbs 3:5-6 and John 3:16. It is interesting and controversial at the same time. Because of it, he triggered the Tebow rule which bans the football player from wearing any message on the eye black.

His strong Christian belief also led him to admit that he maintained his virginity publicly. He believes that one cannot have sex before marriage and homosexuality is unacceptable. Although he was 40 at that time, he stated that he wasn’t ashamed because of his virginity and it wasn’t only in front of the camera, but also off-camera because he stands true for what he believes.

– Tim Tebow Foundation
Tebow is not only famous because of his strong belief in Christianity, but he also sets the trend among Christian athletes to do charity works. He was prohibited from starting his own foundation when he was a college football player, but it didn’t stop him from doing good deeds. He and the other students created First and 15, and they gathered fund for Uncle’s Dick Orphanage. The result is huge.

In 2010, after he graduated from college, he founded the Tim Tebow Foundation. The goal of this foundation is to bring faith, hope, and love for those in needs. The foundation has numerous programs, and it invites people to lend their hands to help others.

Together with Cure International, they build the Tebow Cure Hospital in 2011 for children in the Philippines and more than 19,487 has visited the hospital to receive physical and spiritual healing. They also have an annual Night to Shine prom for people with special needs.

His strong beliefs in Christian faith leads him to create good causes for others. He also founded First and 15, and also gather fund for Shands Hospital. He also founded the Tim Tebow Foundation after he graduated from the university in January 2010. His charitable works don’t end here, and he still takes part to help those in needs.

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