Things You Better Know about Tim Tebow

Things You Better Know about Tim Tebow

Things You Better Know about Tim Tebow – Tim Tebow, who was born in Makati City, The Philippines on 14 of August 1987, is such one of the most excellent American football players in the history. He got some notable achievements which are like two times Collegiate Champion, High School State Champion, and the Heisman Trophy Winner. All of them have proven that this quarterback player has something special that can make him a legend. Aside of that, there are some other things that you better know about this great athlete. Fortunately, you can find out what they are below.
– He Is More Than a Football Player
Tim Tebow could really steal the attention because of his outstanding ability, hard work, and determination. Those are the main things that make him stand apart from the other football players that tried to convince NFL. Not only that his height (6’3”) and 240 pounds of weight are the reasons why people call him as one of the strongest human being that they have ever played as a quarterback. So, considering about all of those great things, he is actually ready to shine. Furthermore, he is not only a talented player, but also a generous person because he has some humanitarian works which one of them is his own foundation that is established in January 2010. Then, there are so many programs supported by the foundations, such as financial aid for Uncle Dick’s Orphanage, WI5H Program (a part of Dreams Come True program by an organization in Jacksonville), partnership with CURE International, and Timmy’s Playroom. All of them will be a incredible ways for him to help the people in needs in the United States of America and the Philippines.

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– He Was Homeschooled
Moreover, Tim Tebow was about to lose his chance to be a high school athlete because he was homeschooled. Fortunately, he was featured in ESPN Outside the Lines on January 7th, 2007 in order to seek the equal access to high school athletics in the other states. Then, a former defensive end called Jason Taylor allowed him to join his local high school team in Pennsylvania. The best thing about his decision to be a high school athlete is that he became the first homeschooled athlete that was nominated for the Heisman Trophy, and took it home as a winner. This special achievement really made him honored and proud at the same time as he could break the stereotype and prove that a homeschooled student can be a great athlete too.

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