Surprising Facts of Tim Tebow

Surprising Facts of Tim Tebow Will Shut Every Hate Speech About Him Up

Tim Tebow, the former popular Denver Broncos quarterback, has a great a life story that every fan may know little. You may recognize him as the controversial of being failed in the NFL. However, there are some secrets that you do not know about Tebow. You may love him or hate him, but you should know him deeper. These surprising facts of Tim Tebow should shut every hater’s mouth up while for Tebow’s lovers, their love will bless his life!

Less of people may not know that Tebow almost was not born because of his mother medication. His mother, Pamela, had a very difficult pregnancy and took for amoebic dysentery. The doctor suggested to an abortion, but Pamela decided against it. In addition, he was raised with the parents who have a wonderful Christian faith. Recent years, he becomes a controversial figure because of his outspoken faith. Do you know that he has a law named after him? When he was home schooled and was allowed to join in high school athletics as long as it was in the district he lived in. This rule is known as the Tebow Law.

Before Tebow went to a Florida Gator, he almost went to Alabama and was very close to Alabama Crimson Tide Coach, Mike Shula. So, he was very close decision for which team to play for. If you, ladies, are big fans of Tim Tebow, you will be heartbroken that he is saving himself for marriage. Ouch! He is a virgin because of his faith and wants to serve as a God’s child to give an opportunity for giving the same opportunity for all people with the special needs. Tim Tebow is a humanitarian. There are many charitable activities were Tebow involved like Uncle Dick’s Orphanage and Shands Hospital pediatric cancer center. Now, he has his own foundation called Tim Tebow Foundation.

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