A Brief Past of Tim Tebow as Great NFL Player

A Brief Past of Tim Tebow as Great NFL Player

For people who love American football, the name of Tim Tebow might be something that does not seem strange at all. That is because Tim used to be the national champions of NFL for two years. However, there are not many people who realized about the past of this amazing quarterback. Many of them will only look at the outside part of this player that shows that he is an amazing quarterback in Florida. For your information, even though he is playing American football in Florida, he was not born in Florida, not in US after all. That is because he was born in Philippine when his parents used to be the missionaries there. His parents were the Christian Baptist missionaries in Philippine when Tim was born and that means he actually a Pilipino. However, some years after that, they moved back to US and he finally got his American citizenship.

His past experience with his parents that used to be the missionaries in Philippine turned out to give a great impact to his future life. That is because when he was in Florida University, he went back to Philippine to spread the word of the God. That was quite similar with the things that his parents used to do when he was born in Philippine. As an addition to that, he was also quite active in some churches and some other activities to help people around the world. Many people believed that the champion crown and the other titles are something that God give to him because of his great dedication to the people who are in need.

A Brief Past of Tim Tebow as Great NFL PlayerAs the result of the great income that he earned from all of those titles, he finally started a foundation called Tim Tebow Foundation few years ago. The main purpose of this foundation is to help all of the unfortunate kids all over the world, but he prefers to start from the American and Pilipino. That is because America is the place where he lives at the time and Philippine is one country with a great memory for him. For your information, from his own official website, you can also find that he is marketing himself as a speaker for many purposes so that if you need a speaker in an event, you might want to call him. That is because the income will mostly be donated to the foundation that he has.

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