Some Facts about Tim Tebow that Many People Missed This Whole Time

Some Facts about Tim Tebow that Many People Missed This Whole Time

Many people who love football will surely have known the name of Tim Tebow. He is one great football players that many American people have known, though he is not the greatest one that earns the spot to be on the hall of fame or something like that. Despite of that thing mentioned above, Tim Tebow is still considered as one great football player that many other players have to think about, especially because of the fact that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the game of football. Unfortunately, there are not many people who have known in detail with this quarterback. That is because there are still quite a lot of facts about Tim Tebow that many people might have missed these whole times. If you do not believe, you can check these facts about Tim Tebow below.

The first one is the truth about his parents. Many of you will surely have known that this great quarterback was born in Philippine, but there are not many of you who know the main reason why he was born there. For your information, his parents used to live in Philippine as the missionaries. That is the main reason why at that time, Tim Tebow was born in Philippine, even though his parents are the native Americans. The next one is the big heart of Tim Tebow. Many people from who realized that Tim Tebow is a good man, but none of them knows exactly how good the heart of this man is. For your information, he built a foundation called Tim Tebow Foundation and that foundation is helping many children in America and Philippine, his real hometown. As an addition to that, he also goes to Philippine often just to do some charities and work related with this foundation. That is not something that you can find from many people nowadays.

Some Facts about Tim Tebow that Many People Missed This Whole TimeThe last one is the fact that Tim Tebow is a virgin. Yes, many people do not believe this, he personally stated that he has dedicated his life to God and virginity is something that needs to be taken after the marriage. That is something totally rare for the people in the modern times, considering the fact that Tim Tebow has many things that can simply drive him to get some action out there. Those are some of the facts that many of you might have missed this whole time.

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