Tim Tebow Foundation

Get to Know What Tim Tebow Foundation Gives to Others

Tim Tebow has a great Christian faith which is hereditated from his parents who were missionaries in Phillipines. He has learnt so much about the importance of God’s word and the responsible that we should give back to others. And, Christian faith drives him to build Tim Tebow Foundation. Tim Tebow Foundation aims to make a difference in people’s lives. So, what does this foundation do for others? Let’s take a below!

Loving Jesus and loving people are the main goal of this foundationa and all its outreaches. This foundation is also dedicated to encaurage childern with a life-threatening illness through a W15H, helding the prom fro kings and queens with special needs, helping a family adopt child from other continents with specil needs in order to show God’s love that they with are worthy.

Furthermore, Tim Tebow Foundation have several ministries. First, the Night to Shine is a prom for crowing kings and queens with special needs centered on God’s love. This event is for those who are ages 14 and older. Until February, 2018, more than 500 churches worldwide hosted Night to Shine for 90,000 honored kings and queens. Partnership with CURE International, this foundation establishes The Tebow CURE Hospital which provide spiritual and physical healing to every deserved childern of the Philippines in Davao City, Phillipines.

Another program is W15H program which provides an opportunity for childern with life-threatening illness whose wish to meet with Tim Tebow. Moreover, Orphan Care also helps to give life’s essentials to homeless orphans in four countries. Adoption Aid misistry provides financial aid for those who are making to adopt a child around the world. Timmy’s Playroom can be found in every hospital to take every suffered childern off medical treatment and let they be kids again. Last, if you want to participate with Tim Tebow Foundation, you can join Team Tebow to encourage and serve the local community.

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