Five Factors What Make Tim Tebow Succeed in Professional Baseball

After Tim Tebow could not make his career in the NFL after five year, he starts pursuing his new career as a baseball player. Actually, Tebow was known to have great opportunities to keep playing in the NFL, but he switched to baseball. And, the Mets had signed him to a minor league contract two years ago. Now, his career as a minor baseball player seems on the rise. Below, you will know reasons why Tim Tebow can be the professional baseball player in major league.

Thing what make Tebow can be a great baseball player because of great concentration and mental agility. According to Jason Van Camp of United Special Forces, Tebow is mentally tough, as seen when he can make good decisions in under pressure. Higher level thinking also makes Tebow can provide alternative in any impossible situation. Humility is another power could Tebow has. He can stay focused despite distractions and win trust of anyone involved in the drill. As you and know that he failed at accomplishing his dream of being long term NFL player. His failure drives him humble. He closed his mind and refused to move to another position. And, in the MLB, he would not longer resist to accept another position and be ready in any role the coaches see fit.

His behavior and adaptability can drive him to his succeed career. Jason said that Tim Tebow has ability to manage his physiology as well as emotions. In the field, Tebow seems to appear as a cool and calm player when the situation is escalated. Perhaps, in the NFL, he failed to adapt and his mental makeup and ego did not let him. Tim will serve in many roles like late inning base runner, pinch hitter with power, etc. Last, his maturity has seen as a self-aware experienced in his. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and acknowledges more.

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