Monday, June 10, 2013

Patriots Sign Tim Tebow

Folks, it's been a while, but this is a big enough deal to get going again:

The Patriots have signed Tim Tebow.

We have been talking about this since 2008. Here's why the Pats are the ideal fit for Tebow.

This should be fun.

A few thoughts:

*I'll set the over-under on Tebow TDs at 9, with 5 coming against the Jets.

*If Ryan Mallett is No. 15, does Tebow go back to his old No. 5?

*First rule of Tebowmania: Just when you think things can't get crazier, they do.

*I'm sure Patriots fans will be just thrilled to have us.

-- Dan


  1. Good to have you back, Dan. I enjoy your FTW writing.

  2. I never credited your idea that he'd go to New England... thought that was just a rumor that got caught in the media echo chamber. I am very glad to be wrong! The Patriots seem to be a team I can genuinely root for, and that'll be a lovely change. I'll hold off rejoicing too much till I know if he'll officially make the team.

  3. Glad you're back. Love this blog.

  4. Dear Dan,

    For months I have been reading your old posts and it is such a relief that you finally got a new one! I love how you write and putting all this Tebowmania in perspective. I love Tim Tebow. I just hope he gets a better chance in NE than what he had in NY. I'm forever a fan of your blog! Keep posting!

  5. Aside from the over/under prediction, you're a prophet...

  6. Good ol' T-Fail's unemployed yet again...

  7. For what it's worth:

  8. I hope Tampa bay try to get tim if any thing we're sell a lot of seat and shirts!!!!! two running QB would change the game it would keep everyone on there toes