Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tebow in Short-Yardage: Jets Unveil

At Jets practice this morning, Rex Ryan gave the first public reveal of Tebow in red-zone and goal-line situations. Per NJ Star-Ledger's Jenny Vrentas:
Tebow's group had four chances to score on the goal line, and they converted on three. Tebow scored on a bootleg run, then on the second play threw to tight end Josh Baker. Terrance Ganaway fumbled on the third try, and then the Jets showed a glimpse of the potential Tebow package on the fourth play.
More interestingly, Mark Sanchez sounded fine with all of it:
"We've got to get it in the end zone. I don't care. Whatever we have to do, and Coach Sparano is going to be the judge there on what exactly he wants. But if that's what he wants, and that's what puts it in the end zone, fine. We'll drive it 99 yard and we'll run it in, it doesn't matter."
We'll see how Sanchez feels when he is removed in scoring opportunities for Tebow.

Tebow, of course, was Tebow: ""I've done that once or twice, so it comes pretty natural.... Whatever they want me to do, you know I'm going to to it."

-- Dan


  1. So far, I'm pleasantly surprised at how well Sanchez seems to be handling this. I knew Tim would, but I didn't think Sanchez would. Their dealing well with this situation is great for the team.

  2. I agree with Brooke. I didn't know a thing about Sanchez before, but everyone seemed to think he'd implode under the added pressure. Instead I've read nothing but very gracious words from him.

    I think it would be an awesome story if he and Tim worked together to prove wrong all the people who think they can't find success together on the Jets. (I'm skeptical myself of how playing two QBs in every game will pan out, but BOY, do I want them to prove me wrong.)