Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jets Practice Tebow Offense -- Off The Record

"I didn't know there would be this much interest. I don't know if it's secretive. We're running our offense and our plays and our reads. It's part of the offense for us."

-- Tim Tebow, after the Jets' "secret" practice working on the Tebow-specific offense. After three years of waiting for an NFL coach to work on this, nice to finally see it happening (even if we don't get any details yet). Love this quote from Rex Ryan:

"If you're not prepared for it, why wouldn't we run it? If you're not defending it well, why wouldn't we keep running it? You're going to run something until you stop it. That's the old saying with the Packers sweep, they kept running it."

Exactly. Just because something isn't part of NFL orthodoxy doesn't mean it isn't a good idea. If anything, taking advantage of inefficiencies -- even tiny ones -- is both an important part of NFL history... not to mention an important part of successful teams.

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  1. It took a defensive-minded coach to know how difficult it is to prepare for the Wildcat. Rex deserves credit for being willing to be unconventional, even when faced w/a lot of criticism & ridicule.