Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tebow: Starting Q... in the Red Zone

It has been a long-held position on this blog that the real revelation of Tebow in the NFL would come from a coach willing to deploy him in unprecedented ways.

For example, a coach using one QB between the 20s, but Tebow inserted as the starting QB in the red zone. (The nominal "starting" QB might have his feelings hurt, but if they have a problem putting themselves ahead of the team, that's a bigger issue.)

Anyway, per Rich Cimini today on, the Jets are just that bold -- they are considering inserting Tebow at QB once the ball gets in the red zone.

The benefits are obvious: An extra runner (or blocker) -- above all, a mismatch with the defense. This is the "Moneyball" idea of football.

That it seems crazy or that it has never been done before doesn't mean that it's wrong or that it won't work.

And, frankly, let's be honest: It's going to work. And then when it does, every team with a mediocre "starting" QB will be scrambling to find their own version of a Tebow to add to the mix.

(As an aside, I'll be curious what this does to Tebow's fantasy value -- it should skyrocket. If the ball is down near the goal line and he's in the game, he is the No. 1 option to carry the ball.)

-- Dan


  1. I hope you're right & it works. Good to have you back.

  2. If you saw ESPN First Take, then you would have seen the interview with the "expert" who has been working with Tebow over the past week. He says that, after the re-training of Tebow's throwing motion (over 1000 "perfect" throws to moving and unmoving targets) he hit what he was throwing at, and, in those few cases where he didn't, he knew what he had done incorrectly and immediately corrected it.

    What this means to me is this: If Tebow can fix his accuracy issues while increasing his release delay while retaining his running ability and his intangibles, then why on earth would Ryan leave him in the back-up role? Sanchez is only marginally better than Tebow (was?) overall and significantly worse in the red zone. Add to that Tebow's running ability and ability to actually protect the football - with his intangibles?

    If Tebow goes into training camp with velocity and accuracy - he'll have the starting job before the season opens.

  3. Huey, I hope the red zone QB story is true because that would be the first step to Tim becoming the starting QB. I think the Jets are cautious about this because they're trying to avoid controversy (which is inevitable). I'm going to be patient and let this play out but I have no doubt Tim will supplant Sanchez at some point.