Monday, April 16, 2012

Tebow News Round-Up: April 16

*Tebow was at the Yankees game last night. He wore a Yankees hat. There was a mix of cheers and boos, which is par for the course for New York sports fans. He made the Daily News back page.

*Tebow's new Nike Jets jersey went on sale yesterday, and it is already sold out. I'm quite sure many, many more will be available by the time we get to the fall.

*At Tebow's charity golf event this weekend, someone bid $100,000 to spend the day with Tim. It was a generous (and eye-popping) offer, and I'm sure Tebow will make it a memorable day.


  1. Heard Dwayne Wade was seated next to him when they showed them. Maybe some of those boos were for Wade since the Heat beat the Knicks that afternoon?

  2. Yeah, I think the boos were for Dwayne Wade. The Heats beat the Knicks earlier in the day. Some of those boos were probably for Tim, but I think mostly for Wade. It was cute seeing Wade change seats to sit next to Tim tho. Awwwwww bro-mance

    I think the NFL is about greed and $$ first and foremost and I don't want to give them any of my money. I never bought a Bronco jersey, but I did give in and bought a Jets Tebow t-shirt. He better not get traded ....

    1. I'm not trying to sound mean but the point of most any business is to make as much money as the market will bear for the product they produce. Ofcourse the NFL is about money, its a business not a romantic fantasy that some fans I know have. I know plenty of very greedy small business owners. No one is forced to buy any of the NFL gear or product but when people are willing to shell out the massive amounts for jerseys at the prices they are then why not keep the prices what they are?
      People that complain about the NFL keeping the prices set at as much as they can get never sell the stocks and bonds in their 401k for less than the market will pay for them. They sell for what the market will give for them, why shouldn't everyone else do the same?

  3. I actually considered the $250 game jersey before getting a grip and asking myself how long he'll even be on the Jets...