Thursday, April 26, 2012

Revisiting Tim Tebow's NFL Draft Day

Can you believe it has been (only) two years since Tim Tebow was drafted?

The pre-draft hysteria about Tebow was unmatched -- then or since -- but, most interestingly, heading into draft day, it was entirely unclear who would draft him.

Would it be the hometown Jaguars? Would it be a team with glaring QB needs like the Vikings or Bills? Would Bill Belichick swoop in and snag him? Was a mystery team in the mix?

At first, the Broncos didn't seem like the team to do it -- they used their first first-round pick on WR Demaryius Thomas. But then Belichick protege Josh McDaniels traded up and picked Tebow.

Flying in the face of critics like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper, Tebow indeed became an NFL first-round pick.

At first it seemed like an ideal match: McDaniels was seemingly innovative enough to deploy Tebow in ways that took advantage of his unique skills.

The transition for any NFL rookie is tough -- let alone for a QB (any QB, not just Tebow). But the team seemed committed.

Ultimately, the wheels fell off the McDaniels regime, having nothing to do with Tebow. In his sophomore season, Tebow would thrive despite undermine-laced "support" from his new coach, John Fox. Then the Peyton-Jets drama.

But draft day will always be a great memory for Tebow and Tebow fans -- the moment when his maniacal pro preparation was validated and he earned the lifetime designation:

"First-Round NFL Draft Pick."

-- Dan


  1. Good retrospective. It's been quite a story, and continues to fascinate. To me it seems longer than two years because so much has happened-- to think Tim's only played a season's worth of NFL games!

    I was very interested to find that in his book Tim implied-- didn't say right out, but just implied-- that if Josh McDaniels had believed in him a little more, enough to start him at QB, maybe he wouldn't have been fired. I wonder if McDaniels wishes he had.

    From exhaustive article-reading I do have the impression that Elway liked Tebow as a player more than Fox did. (I think they both liked him as a person.) It was Elway who told Fox to get Tebow ready to start should Orton not pan out, and it was Fox who first urged Elway and the others that they should go after Peyton Manning.

    I was sorry to see Tebow demoted to 2nd string in the trade, but one thing I'm glad for is that Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano all wanted to trade for Tebow, and that means they're invested in seeing him succeed. They'll want to give him chances to help the Jets. They'll put him on the field. That's more than many deserving players get. We'll see what happens!

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  3. So I'm reading Tim's book. It's interesting that he's been dealing with "is he a QB or FB or LB" since he was a teenager. Also, anybody notice the similarities between his high school football days at Trinity/Nease and the NFL? He's at Trinity Christian Academy for 2 years, 1st year with hardly any playtime until the end of the season. After 2nd year and things not working out he went to play for Nease. Sounds familiar to Broncos/Jets, no?

    So after three years at Nease he lead his team to a state championship. His third year as a Gotor he won the BCS championship. So if the pattern continues maybe he will lead the Jets to a Super Bowl in 2015. :)

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