Friday, March 30, 2012

Tebow's Message for Jets Fans

"I've already said it 44 times so here goes number 45: I'm really excited to be a Jet! Haha! All joking aside it's truly an honor to be a Jet and I'm anxiously looking forward to going to work with all of my new teammates and coaches. Fireman Ed and the rest of Jets nation, I'm gonna play my heart out for you. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!"

-- Tim Tebow, on Twitter last night


  1. Who in the world in Fireman Ed?? Are there any other strange people in Jets nation we need to know about? lol

    1. Ed's a beloved fan of the Jets that wears his white helmet to the games & leads the fans in the J-E-T-S cheer. Sort of an unofficial mascot.

      Here's an article about Fireman Ed's approval of the Jets getting Tebow:

  2. "Are there any other strange people in Jets nation we need to know about?"

    It's fun seeing the Jets fans and Tebow fans encountering and getting used to one another. Like an awkward arranged marriage!

    Tebow was funny in a radio interview shortly after his press conference. In the middle of an answer he said something like, "And I'm excited-- I think I just hit 50-- to be getting started..."

  3. Yeah, it's gonna be a long and awkward relationship until Tim gets to play and kick butt and win some games. And even after that, it'll still be tumultuous. I'm fairly certain that even if he wins multiple SB rings, he will always be a controversial figure and the debate surrounding him will never really stop.

  4. Hoping you would have covered Tim Tebow on Easter Sunday. Oh well! Here is an article in response to the critiques of him being there.