Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nuanced Take on Tebow's Public Religious Expression

I think I have been waiting six years for a mainstream media outlet to cover Tebow's public expressions of and about his religious faith with any sort of nuance.

Mostly, I've been looking for something that dispels the erroneous characterizations/caricatures of Tebow from some corners of the media as some kind of raging public proselytizer (which he is most definitely not).

This piece in Wednesday's New York Times -- pegged off of Tebow's answer to the "religion" question in Monday's press conference -- is well worth your time.

-- Dan


  1. Thank you for posting that link, Dan. Very interesting.

  2. Good article; the writers did their research, found lots of places where Tebow discussed his faith, and built up a picture of it.

  3. The article came close but missed the mark. The one word that describes Tim's message but was missing from the article is LOVE. All his charity and evangelical work can be summed up in that one word. He radiates the love (of God) and that's why people are drawn to him.

    Other so call evangelicals like Pat Robertson, who is an agent provocateur, seeks attention and has the opposite effect, they drive people away from God.