Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nike vs. Reebok Over Tebow

And suddenly, those Reebok Jets Tebow T-shirts and jerseys -- which had a shelf life of about two weeks to begin with -- are collector's items, because Nike's lawsuit against Reebok turned into a judge's injunction, with the merchandise to be pulled from stores.

Let's remember the mantra: Just when you think things can't get more [anything] when it comes to Tebowmania, it does.

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  1. I thought of your usual take on Tebow when I heard about the Nike/Reebok fight. It didn't happen over Peyton Manning jerseys, but of course something like this would happen with Tebow. Of course.

    I also thought of it when a reporter I follow on Twitter remarked on a poll that had 70% of people believing Tebow would beat out Sanchez for the starting spot. "WHY do you think so?" she asked. I told her it's because Tebow's life is so much like a storybook that you just expect the fairytale ending. I don't have football reasons to think that he'll dazzle so much this year and Sanchez will do so badly that Tebow will actually supplant him and get the start. But I won't be surprised if Tebow starts, only because that is the kind of thing that happens with Tebow.