Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Give Tim Tebow a Chance"

"If a low-scoring, losing NFL team can't find a way to get Tim Tebow in the game, then new coach John Fox is a stubborn goat so stuck in the 1970s and so hopelessly out of touch with his fan base that one might begin to wonder why the Broncos hired him in the first place. All we're saying is: Give Tebow a chance." -- Mark Kiszla, Denver Post, 9/27/11

Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Didn't Broncos Use Tebow?

One more piece of compelling evidence that John Fox doesn't have a great idea of what he's doing:

On anything-and-short -- let alone 3rd-and-short or 4th-and-short -- it should be Tebow Time. If Kyle Orton can't handle that, maybe he's not the "pro" everyone in the "brain trust" in Denver thinks he is.

If Fox doesn't recognize "Tebow short" as potentially one of the most efficient play-calls in his (or any) playbook, the Broncos coach is even worse than we thought he was.

The Broncos lost the game because John Fox didn't use Tim Tebow -- what compounds the error is that Fox didn't even THINK to use Tebow.

And, make no mistake, it cost the Broncos the game.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tim Tebow, Wide Receiver

Can't decide if I was happy that Tim Tebow got on the field yesterday in any capacity or that this was just the most recent deflating episode.

(Tebow, to his credit, seemed game to contribute however he could -- or however the coach wanted him to.)

The shame is that getting the ball in Tebow's hands as a playmaker IS a great strategy -- too bad John Fox only seems to think it's a good idea when every other receiver option is out.

As I tweeted out yesterday: Wonder which fantasy league -- ESPN.com, Yahoo, CBSSports.com, NFL.com -- will be the first to give Tebow dual-eligibility at QB and WR?

-- D.S.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The "Start Tebow" Billboard Campaign

Hey: Why not?

(And, as with everything Tebow, these folks ARE going to get their money's worth -- in media coverage.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Broncos Lose Opener, Fans Chant for Tebow

Why were Broncos fans chanting for Tim Tebow last night in the Broncos' season opener?

Because Kyle Orton -- despite going over 300 yards passing -- was largely ineffective. He couldn't produce a touchdown for the offense until just minutes remained in the game, and his interception-and-fumble combo went a long way to costing the Broncos the game.

The whole idea from the Broncos' "brain trust" of Elway, Xanders and Fox was that Orton was "more prepared" to be the starter than Tebow. Sure didn't look like it.

If the Broncos were going to produce a limp offensive night in a loss, Tebow certainly couldn't have done worse than Orton. And, in that case, there is no reason the team shouldn't start Tebow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jacksonville Homecoming for Tim Tebow?

With the Jaguars cutting incumbent QB David Garrard today, a brief flurry of speculation if the team would go after trading for Tim Tebow, who they could probably get at a discount from Denver.

This is easy: They absolutely should try to trade for him for a very simple reason -- the franchise is a bit of a mess, and what we know is that Tebow's presence alone offers national media attention, cachet and, most of all, enthusiasm among the fan base (a perennial Jaguars problem).

Here's the thing: If Jack Del Rio -- like John Fox -- isn't willing to use Tebow creatively (if not as the starting QB), then it is entirely for marketing purposes. Now, that has its value, but you'd like to see Tebow's marketing value in north Florida paired with his football value.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tim Tebow's NFL Future

Really fair, well-thought-out post by Yahoo Sports' Doug Farrar about Tim Tebow's future in the NFL -- so much better than the knee-jerk half-baked "analysis."

One quote from Jon Gruden stood out: "I think you have to have a plan for those guys to utilize their physical capabilities, and I think you have to modify your offense to a degree to enhance some of the things that they can do themselves running the ball."

That's a common theme here: That to maximize Tebow's unique talents, you need a coach willing to be much more creative than the typical NFL coaching orthodoxy (typified by John Fox).

Whole post is worth a read.