Monday, February 21, 2011

FTU Q&A with Tim Tebow

"If I believe in everything and feel it’s right, I wouldn’t mind it. But I have my priorities in a certain order. I just don’t have the time right now to do a lot of commercials and ads. If we can find time, yeah, it’d be great to help a company you believe in."

-- Tim Tebow, in a wide-ranging interview with the Florida Times-Union covering everything from his rookie season to the Broncos' coaching change to his book to his golf tournament to his bachelorhood to the above quote, related to his endorsement opportunities. The whole thing is worth a read. (Per the quotes about the book, wow, would I like to have explored writing that with him. I was recently looking back over the Teblog archive, and it could have been really interesting.)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Apologies for the Light Posting

Friends: Sincerest apologies for the light posting the past month.

On the one hand, there hasn't been a ton of Tebow news to cover. (On the other hand, that's no excuse!)

On the other other hand, I have been immersed in my new company, Quickish, which launched exactly one month ago, to help people -- for starters, sports fans -- keep up quickly with the big things that are happening.

It has been going great, but it has dominated my time, as you might imagine.

And so a few small favors to ask:

*Check out Quickish for yourself! (And feel free to visit often, because it changes constantly.)

*If you like it, please tell your friends! You can do it through Facebook (you can "like" the Quickish page or just write a message about it), through Twitter, through email or through good ol' word-of-mouth. Lots of friends telling friends is the No. 1 best way for Quickish to grow.

*Please bear with me while I continue guiding the company through its early stages. I promise I haven't given up on TimTeblog -- and I hope you won't give up on me!

Hugest thanks for your support for Quickish and patience with my attention elsewhere.


-- Dan