Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tim Tebow: Best Win Yet?

Throughout this win streak and 7-1 record as a starter, I don't think I've ever seen Tim Tebow as giddy as he was following Matt Prater's overtime kick to lift the Broncos past the Bears. It was fun to see. What a win -- the most improbable of his 8 as a starter? Yes. But down 10-0 with 3 minutes to go, I actually figured the Broncos would win -- I simply couldn't envision how. Who can? A couple mental blunders by the Bears' Marion Barber were key, but the point, as always, is this: W.


  1. Dan, Tebow and the Broncos are riding a wave random bounces that keep going their way. Forte and Cutler out, Barber running out of bounds and then fumbling in FG range.

    This is a blast to watch, I was hoping Tebow would get into a groove early passing the ball but Decker and Thomas had some drops.

    Next week will be Football Armageddon if/when Tebow and the Broncos knock off Brady and the Pats

  2. just came across your blog Dan. Long time Bronco fan (sine 1977) and new Tebow fan. As a believer myself I find his statement "God doesn't care who wins, its just a game" attitude so refreshing. I think the WAY they are winning will keep them humble. I don't think Tim needs much help being humble though. Wow.