Monday, December 19, 2011

Tim Tebow and Kelly Faughnan, Part 2

Lot of attention today for Jeff Darlington's piece about Tim Tebow reconnecting with Kelly Faughnan. I went back into the TimTeblog archives and found this post from 12/11/09, when the Tebow-Faughnan story first came out. Here's my money quote:
I swear, this is what drives me nuts about folks who claim to "hate" Tebow: When you read about that, how in the world can you hate him? I guarantee you that taking Kelly to the show meant more to him than winning an award. Way more.

We can talk all about "Triumphalist Tebow" when he wins or "Tragic Tebow" when he loses (or even "Teary Tebow," from the past week), but here is my favorite:

"Typical Tebow."

And sometimes that's for when he bulls into the end-zone. Sometimes that's for when he tries to incite the crowd. But, most times, it's when he is working in the community and doing things exactly like he did last night.
"Typical Tebow." Ha. I had forgotten I had coined that. Check out the whole post for more details. It's just funny sometimes to see these "new" conclusions about Tebow that we were talking about years ago.

(Don't get me wrong: It was an important angle from yesterday's game to be given a wide audience -- as with Tebow-Faughnan I, it offers more insight into Tebow than anything he does on the field.)

-- Dan

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