Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Tebow Link Round-Up

*The New York Post's Steve Serby has a good Q&A with Tebow. I like that Tebow admires Steve McNair.

*Deadspin's Drew Magary is a hater... sort of... but a hater of Tebow hysteria more than Tebow. (Salty language warning.)

*ESPN's Rick Reilly compares Tebow and Tom Brady. Eleventybillion people will click on it.

*Fathead launched a "Tebowing" edition. Currently, Tebow accounts for about 80% of Fathead's business.

*Yes, yes, thank you for all the emails: I've heard -- "Tebrew" beer.

* launched an all-Tebow section. Hmm, that sounds like a GREAT idea.

So far, this week's best Tebow contribution (besides the SI cover) has been the Seinfeld-Tebow mash-up.

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  1. Thanks Dan, for what you're doing. Let me suggest one other link: the Bill Belichick quotes, including Belichick disputing Tebow's accuracy concerns: