Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Real Lesson of Tebow: Work Hard(est)

With the explosion of Tebowmania over the past few weeks -- beyond even the craziest stuff from Tebow's final year at Florida -- a few sportswriters have started to recognize the nuance of the Tebow story. Yes, many still bludgeon us with "Tebow! Religion! Throwing motion! The hysteria!"

But then you get reporting like this, from Yahoo's Les Carpenter, which digs into Tebow's real secret -- the universal lesson of Tebow that transcends fans and haters, that transcends whatever religious beliefs you might hold: Hard work.

Not just hard work, but (in Tebow's case) working harder than anyone else, which really translates to: Try your hardest. You cannot expect to work as hard as Tim Tebow; what you can expect is to work as hard as you can (then try a little harder).

Click that link for a great read.

-- Dan

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