Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Yorker Calls Tebow "Year's Best Sports Story"

The New Yorker's terrific sportswriter Ben McGrath tabs Tim Tebow as the year's best sports story:
Certainly Tebow-mania offers plenty of crossover fodder for the non-sports-obsessed. You don’t need to be a connoisseur of quarterback throwing mechanics to find debates over Tebow’s conspicuous religiosity of interest, or to marvel over the fact that teen-agers on Long Island have apparently been suspended from school for imitating a silly made-for-TV pose. But that’s all just context. What’s great about Tebow is the live-action performance: maddening, baffling, and, just often enough, jaw-dropping. In an era where passing statistics have been inflating to Bondsian levels, Tebow has brought his team to the brink of the playoffs with a style that might as well have come from the dead-ball era. Is it luck? Divine intervention? Here’s to watching and cursing and shaking our heads in disbelief in 2012.
McGrath isn't wrong. (And at the risk of indulging in a bit of #tebowcant, if you look back to last January -- heck, last August -- not many beyond this site's readership would have considered Tebow to be a "story of 2011" nominee. But anyone who has followed Tebow over the past half-decade would know that is the moment precisely to figure it would be Tebow's year.)

-- Dan


  1. Tebow Top-selling religion author of 2011

  2. Maybe the overhype will drop a few degrees now. 1. I admire the man immensely. 2. I'm still not sure he can develop into an NFL passer. 3. Remove the hype: he's a 2nd year QB that's not as good as the claims, but not as bad as the critics say. Give him next year, then we'll see. The only thing he really lacks (outside of the classic throwing motion, and even Elway said that the footwork can help compensate) is the passing consistency. Give it time. The wins/losses with his leadership and running ability are good, but the next year will really tell us whether he can make it or be the next Danny Wuerfel (Great character, charitable works, man of faith, didn't do a whole lot as a QB).