Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Most interesting Tebow Quote from NFL "Sound FX"

When people conflate football and religion as it relates to Tim Tebow, there is a lot of talk that somehow Tebow is praying for God to help him at the expense of others. But there was a very telling quote that the NFL microphones picked up. After the Bears got the ball on the onside kick, it appeared that the game was as good as over. Tebow was kneeling on the sidelines and said:
"Dear Jesus, I need you. Please come through for me. No matter what, win or lose Lord, give me the strength to honor you."
Now, was Tebow rooting for the chance to get the ball back and lead his team to a game-tying (or game-winning) score? Absolutely. But note that he accepts the reality that the game could go either way -- win or lose -- and all he asks for is the strength to manage the situation, whatever it might be.

This speaks to the line of Tebology that says his Christianity -- while public and evangelical -- is intensely personal. It has everything to do with finding the inner strength to live his life purposefully and nothing to do with mere wins and losses (although wins are obviously more fun).

I'll try to get video clips -- or links to video on -- when it's available. It was an excellent and rare view of Tebow in the mid-game situation. UPDATE: Here you go!

(One other remarkable moment captured by the mics: When Barber fumbled in OT and the Broncos got the ball, it seemed like every Broncos player was totally flipping out. Tebow took the field quietly singing a hymn, as usual a little off-key.)

-- Dan


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE his off key singing in the pre-gam clip. lol

  2. Here are the spiritual songs that Tim was singing.
    "Awesome God"

    "Lord I lift you name on high"

  3. So basically, an invisible Jesus has nothing to do with improving talent and ability on a football field above others. An atheist can have just as much inner strength to help him out as a christian. A muslim's belief that allah helps him as much as jesus helps christians is valid and productive to the same exact degree and measure of effectiveness.

  4. I've heard many christians state and contend that Jesus himself actually makes actions occur on the football field for Tebow. A football player can only depend on himself and his teammates to make plays and help him on a football field.

    An incorporeal, immaterial, non-physical figment can't do that. To believe it can is self deception and benighted irrational delusion.

    It is a fact, that an intangible apparition like Jesus is proven evidentially by simple case testing to be powerless to enact any physical action anywhere. Other than the man made conceptual concoction affecting the imaginations of human minds.

  5. Attempting to converse with Jesus on the sideline is an exercise in rewardless futility. Choosing to believe in imaginary friend does not make it true or existent in the least.

    By evidence, the Jesus figment is a deaf mute. He cannot be heard audibly by anyone. If you claim you hear his voice answering in your head that no one else can hear, you need psychological help. Also, if you contend that you can see Jesus occularly as an actual existent entity, please sign yourself into a mental institution for neurotic hallucinations.

    Jesus cannot show that he can hear and answer even simple requests. Ask me to do something, even as simple as move chair, or pick up a rock, and I can prove that I can hear your request and perform it. Jesus can't do that. Go ahead, test it, you will be waiting till you rot in the grave for him to answer those requests.

    I know, the bible says tempt not the lord. But it is factual that Jesus can do none of those things. I can, I can prove I exist by actions. Jesus can't.

    By proof, talking to invisible concoctions can produce no effect whatsoever. Other than imagination games in your mind. Better to study the actual playbook and do the actions yourself. If you depend on Jesus for help, nothing will get done.

    There is a reason that it is said faith without works is dead. Because lacking actual works, nothing happens. Faith is incapable of accomplishing any physical affect at all. You have to do that.

  6. A quote about Faith, author Unknown.
    "To those who believe, no explanation is necessary.To those who do not believe, no explanation is possible".