Monday, December 12, 2011

Hoge Finally Gets It About Tebow

Merril Hoge was the loudest critic of Tim Tebow in the media -- and, from his place on the set at ESPN, certainly the most visible. This morning, on the radio, he came around:
“You have a certain skill set. Will you work hard on that skill set and will you give it all you have? You can look in the mirror [and say], ‘I gave it all I had, and I don’t have anything to be ashamed about or embarrassed by.’ That to me is what I see in the Denver Broncos and in Tim Tebow. I’ve been wrong on a lot of levels, and I’ve become now a huge fan in watching not only the Broncos play but Tim Tebow play.”
Read more key parts of the transcript over at OnlyGators. The key idea: Hoge has been converted.


  1. Wonder how sore his throat is after having to swallow his words.

  2. I dunno, I don't really believe him. lol

  3. I think the upper brass at ESPN is telling Hoge to change his tune probably because ESPN is trying to secure Tim's first sit down interview since becoming a starter. The interview will probably go to Bob Costas though. Just my conjecture.

  4. I don't think Hoge has been converted. I think he's just been shamed into coming around b/c this team has kept winning when he said they couldn't w/Tebow starting. I also find it significant that he did this on the radio & not on tv. Eating crow on the radio is less painful than on tv, I guess.
    @Te: I think Tim already did his first sit down interview since becoming starter & it was w/Shannon Sharpe (another former loud critic of Tim's) on CBS.

  5. I was so upset at the way Merril Hoge was trashing Tim Tebow that I felt obligated to start a blog of my own regarding his obvious dislike for the young man!...but now I see that there are many others out there who noticed the same thing as I did. No point in starting a Blog about Hoge's attacks now! However, before I sign off...did I mention I searched info on Hoge? He was never of superstar status in the NFL and maybe if he worked a little harder, maybe he could have helped the Pittsburgh Steelers have a better record! Unfortunately his only claim to fame are all the concussions received while playing and generating his lawsuits...sorry case that Hoge!