Monday, November 7, 2011

Tim Tebow Runs Broncos To Win

That's more like it: If your quarterback is uniquely skilled, you design an offense to take advantage of those skills.

Is the Broncos' new zone-read run-first/run-second/run-only offense sustainable? Not to be cavalier, but that isn't the point.

Can Tebow take week-in, week-out punishment as a runner? Maybe. Can the limited Broncos coaching staff -- spraining their wrists for only now finally figuring out what to do -- make adjustments to counter the inevitable adjustments of a defensive coordinator who has a week to watch tape and game plan for the new offense? Maybe.

The fact is that the new offense was deployed yesterday. It did take the Raiders by surprise. It was effective. It did lead the team to a win (along with some nifty work by Eddie Royal). It was exactly in Tebow's sweet-spot as a QB.

It takes a leap of faith to build a philosophy around that -- a leap that I'm still not sure the Broncos leadership is willing to make for the long-term. That they are willing to do it for now is probably good enough.

It wasn't just a satisfying win -- all wins are fundamentally satisfying. It was satisfying the WAY they won.

-- Dan

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