Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tim Tebow on First Take

Tim Tebow went on First Take and really dug into his outward expressions of faith, which came into question yesterday with some recent comments from Jake Plummer, who apparently doesn't particularly appreciate them:
“If you’re married, and you have a wife, and you really love your wife, is it good enough to only say to your wife, I love her, the day you get married? Or should you tell her every single day when you wake up and have the opportunity? And that’s how I feel about my relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the most important thing in my life, so every opportunity I have to tell him I love him, or I’m given an opportunity to shout him out on national TV, I’m going to take that opportunity.”
The whole summary (via ProFootballTalk) is worth reading. And, as usual, this is becoming a national hysteria of the day.

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