Monday, November 14, 2011

Tim Tebow: Here We Go

All along, all folks wanted was for John Fox and the Broncos to give Tim Tebow a chance.

But not just any chance -- we saw that in the Lions game. Ideally, we wanted them to give him a chance while running an offense specifically suited for his unique skills and talents. We got a glimpse of it vs. Oakland in Week 9.

Yesterday in Kansas City, that is exactly what we got -- Eight passes with two completions total? Great. (Particularly when one is a game-sealing TD bomb.) Running and running and more running? Yes, please.

The zone read. The option. The veer. Whatever it is getting called, it suits Tebow just fine -- and it is working. Let's ride this as long as it goes.

(Tantalizingly, the Broncos are in primetime on Thursday night against the Jets, who will have only three days to prepare for what is suddenly the most innovative offense in the NFL.)

For a terrific read, try Chris Brown's analysis this morning. Brown is the best at dissecting strategy, and he has a lot of complimentary things to say about the Tebow offense.

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