Friday, November 4, 2011

Media Coverage of Tebow This Week

We can point to the various columns about Tebow this week -- oh, and was there ever a backlash -- and I probably should have made mention of the "X > Tebow" mid-week meme on

But when we talk about even-handed Tebow commentary, I think this piece from Deadspin's Tommy Craggs is worth a read.

It's not that Craggs doesn't have a position about Tebow -- he very clearly does, and it's one that many of you won't agree with. Set aside that disagreement (along with problems about the sensationalized headline of the essay) for a second.

Because you're not going to find a more astute and nuanced take on the punditry frenzy around Tebow, specifically the punditry that goes away from the football and talks about religion, where the punditry is clearly out of its depth.

(As for Sunday, I'm not looking for a dramatic turnaround from last week, and neither should anyone. What I'm looking for is the incremental progress you see when you're talking about your 5th-ever NFL start vs. your 6th-ever. I certainly expect a media frenzy, however it goes.)

-- Dan

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