Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gameday: Tim Tebow vs. History

In today's Denver Post, Woody Paige offers a bit of history, showcasing just how terrible so many ultimately great QBs played through their first five career starts. The lesson: It's way WAY too early to judge Tim Tebow -- and way too early to pull the plug on him as a starter.

(Of course, John Fox is so bumbling at this point that it is impossible to rely on him to make a sound or considered decision. He isn't a Tebow fan and he will likely use any hint of underperformance to say "See? I gave him a chance!" and yank him. At that point, fans of Tebow should be openly rooting for the team to cut him so he can land in a better situation, even if it isn't as a starting QB -- yet -- but merely with a coach who has some smart, authoritative ideas about how to deploy him.)

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