Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 8: Tough Day for Tim Tebow

The Denver Post's Mark Kiszla only needs a few minutes after the Broncos' pummeling by the Lions to go trolling:

"Those five wonderful minutes against Miami now look like an aberration. Right here, right now, he is the worst quarterback in the NFL."

Kiszla offers no supplemental explanations -- like, perhaps, the Broncos' coaching staff putting together a plan that doesn't take advantage of Tebow, or the fact that the offense around him isn't particularly great.

Nor does he take a long view, reflecting that this was only Tebow's second start of his second season -- against one of the best defenses in football, no less. That perhaps Tebow deserves a few more starts before he is thrown under the bus.

Under Kiszla's logic, Troy Aikman -- who lost his first 11 starts, with 52% completions and a 2-to-1 INT-to-TD ratio -- should never have made it halfway through that.

Tim Tebow isn't owed fealty. He isn't owed a free pass. No one will be tougher on Tebow's performance today -- not his worst media critic, not the folks on Twitter, not John Fox -- than Tebow himself.

What he is owed is another half-season to develop, to get better -- hey, maybe even finally get some play-calling that fits his style -- before he is judged the worst QB in football or given up on.

The Broncos have every right to make that evaluation after the season -- if Tebow isn't any good, they'll even be in position to draft his replacement, right there near the top of the 1st round.

But I think the chances are far better than not that Tebow will get better, that this will be looked at as the nadir of the season, perhaps of his career.

Let's have the hysterics (no, I didn't say "heretics") keep some perspective: This Broncos team isn't very good, and that doesn't have a lot to do with Tebow, and this Lions team is very good.

It was a terrible game, on all fronts. Let's see how Tebow responds next week before shivving him an hour after this week's game.

-- D.S.

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