Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tim Tebow in This Week's SI

I thought that between the Broncos' bye week, the lack of a timely way to cover the World Series participants and the overall interest in Tim Tebow, Sports Illustrated would put Tebow on their cover this week. You'll have to settle for a Phil Taylor essay in the magazine. Money quote:
You don't have to be a Broncos fan to hope that he makes his skeptics look foolish, if only to remind them that allowing for the possibility of magic is the logical thing to do.
Big week coming up.

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  1. Well I gotta say I am shocked with Elway not starting him and telling reporters that he not a good Quarterback yet...I remember when Elway was getting crap from Terry Bradshaw (worst quarterback to win superbowls) and Elway told him "to shove it up is ASS!" Talk about unorthodox, Elway was about as unorthodox as they get, playing much better in a Shotgun then behind the line. Im not saying that Tebow has Elway's arm, but Tebow sure has that Elway energy. That feeling as if the Broncos will always have a chance to win...Now I was very happy with Cutler and Marshall. I would even goes as far to say that McDaniels purposely sabatoged the Broncos via payoff Bob Craft because they didnt work on their defense which was faltering under Shanahan; instead they opted with Tebow. I was in shock, but now I see something on the field that I haven't seen since Elway. Positive engery, raw heart and emotion. I would actually go further in saying that since Tebow has more to prove, he might be exactly what the Broncos are looking for...So kudos to Mcdaniel, you did something right! As for Elway, remember how many critics you had, plus Tebow is a better runner than you, closer to Steve Young, so cut him some slack and really support him.

    Jon k