Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tim Tebow in... "Die Hard 5" (Wait: What?)

This idea floated by the head of Fox movies that Tim Tebow could play a role in the next "Die Hard" is absurd... yet entirely in line with everything we know about the Tebow phenomenon.

(I actually think Tebow has a natural sense of comedic timing, and even though he has the "action-hero" build and temperament, I can't see him even wanting the role.)

That said: Kudos to Fox's Tom Rothman for floating it out there. He knows that even just mentioning Tebow puts this story -- and his movie -- at the top of every talk-radio, TV talking-head and blogger discussion list.

Just one more addition to the Tebow pop-culture canon.


  1. I've been wanting Tim to be cast in a sitcom since I saw the couple of comedic bits he did for ESPN during college. But he'd probably prefer being an action hero onscreen...since he's already one in real life.

  2. The fifth movie in the Die Hard series — to be called A Good Day to Die Hard

    ...I'm blushing...

  3. "“He might be too nice,” Rome said, referring to Tebow’s wholesome reputation. “But no one would work harder to make it work.”"

    I LOVE Tim, and there's no doubt he'd do just about anything to make something work, but I can't see him signing off with the signature Die Hard "Yippee Kay Yay M.F."