Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tebow vs. Packers: One Measly Play

One play. One measly play. After all that talk about Fox being ready to deploy Tebow, the coach of the Broncos used Tebow once, early in the game. Even when the game was laughably out of reach, Fox refused to play Tebow. Hell, the Packers played backup QB Matt Flynn, and if you didn't know better, you'd think they were rubbing it in.

The only solace is that you look across the field at Aaron Rodgers -- a QB who is/was at the top of his game (or any QB's game, frankly) -- and you realize that he sat (and sat... and sat...) for years before he got his shot. I'm not arguing that Tebow is going to have as good of a career as Rodgers. What I'm arguing is that he deserves a shot, just like Rodgers got one.

It's so obvious he won't get that shot with John Fox in Denver. It's equally obvious that the only reason they won't trade him or release him is that they are deathly afraid that if/when Tebow does get that shot -- with someone else -- he makes the most of it.


  1. I'm as frustrated as you are... What a joke. Is it wrong to wish an injury on Orton just so Tebow can play? (Yes, I know it is, but like you I just don't see any other way Tim is getting in with Fox at the helm...)

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  3. I don't think it's necessary to wish an injury on Orton.. it's inevitable. Especially as much as they are losing and as desperate as he is to win.

    Sadly it probably won't matter though.. Fox will probably play Quinn anyway. I think Tebow is too exciting for Fox.. his mind would explode.

  4. The had to leave Orton in to improve his TD:Interception ratio. Forget about the game being out of hand and the backup QB needs reps; they need to justify Orton's presence by padding the stats.