Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tebow Leads Broncos to OT W in Miami

*My favorite part -- and I think the most important and telling part: Tebow's reaction immediately after the game.

While his teammates jumped around -- certainly deservedly -- Tebow was restrained. He bent to his knee for a moment, then stood up and calmly walked around hugging teammates.

No demonstrative fist-pumping. No rah-rah cheering -- and he certainly had earned it by the time the game was over.

But you got the sense that Tebow was entirely satisfied with the game's result -- undoubtedly, he expected to win -- but knows full well that he didn't play great. Well enough, but not great.

And he expects more of himself than that. That's part of who Tebow is and why the reaction was so impressive.

He acted like he'd been there before. All the haters and skeptics and doubters and mockers could take a lesson.

More instant reactions:

*What a final few minutes. Wow.

*Tebow was getting killed by fans and media on Twitter for the first 55 minutes of this game, some fairly and some unfairly. But he was getting crushed.

*I think it's fair to say that Tebow led the team to a win despite John Fox's play-calling on offense.

*Yeah, this is going to be just a little bit of a big deal tomorrow -- and all week. It's Tebow, after all.

*Wow, was that exciting.

-- Dan

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  1. It was classic Tebow. Everyone gave up on the game, there were less than 6 minutes left and the Broncos were down 15 points. But Tebow didn't give up, and used his legs and arms to carry his team to victory. He clearly elevated the play of those around him; receivers who couldn't catch all day suddenly stepped up and made clutch, game-saving plays.

    Tebow didn't get intercepted, but the 7 sacks is a serious issue. Some of those were the Oline, but several were due to slow decision making on Tebow's part. He still needs work reading defenses, and putting better touch on the ball under pressure. His accuracy is much better, though, and his athleticism is unparalleled. He also proved is doubters wrong on his arm strength.

    He may still be a work in progress, but he's clearly making good progress, and he clearly has what it takes to succeed in the NFL. He *is* NFL starter material, and anyone who isn't a Tebow-hater should be able to see that.