Monday, October 31, 2011

How Many More Weeks Will Tebow Get?

SI's Peter King is about as fair to Tim Tebow as anyone in sports media. Not in the tank -- simply fair. King is also very tapped in to the Broncos from multiple angles -- Tebow, Fox, Elway.

So I pay very close attention to this note dropped in at the bottom of King's weekly "MMQB" column today:
I think it's a cruel world, but the Broncos won't give the Tebow experiment much longer, maybe two or three weeks, unless he ratchets up his completion percentage (46.1). Can't help but think four things:

If Denver's going to give him a chance, the plug cannot be pulled now, because it's just not enough time; three or four more weeks is fair for the investment the franchise made in the 2010 first-round pick -- even though it was a previous coach who drafted him ... Josh McDaniels would have been more invested in making him succeed, and would have a package of plays (dumpoffs to the backs, curls to the tight end) to get him going ...

John Elway and John Fox, neither of whom would have drafted Tebow in the first round, are going to give him enough time under center to show the citizenry they can't move ahead with him as the every-down quarterback ... And I still believe he can be a winning, hybrid player for a good team. Maybe not quite like Brad Smith, because he lacks quickness. But a player who, when the offense is stalled, can contribute with a package of plays that would be hard to defend as a changeup. Maybe an option quarterback.

"Three or four more weeks is fair." Keep that in mind.

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