Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't Let Tebow Be Tebow?

The Denver Post's Mark Kiszla is concerned that Tebow's rough-n-tumble playing style will get him hurt over the course of an NFL season -- or even this weekend against the Lions' brutal D-line.

I think you've got to let Tebow be Tebow. That means creating an offensive playbook that plays to Tebow's strengths and skills -- and taking advantage of Tebow's size and toughness.

Kiszla cites the Kentucky concussion as proof that Tebow's style gets him hurt. This is wrong on two levels:

(1) He was in the pocket when he got pressured by UK -- pressure could/would/does happen to any QB, from one with mobility like Tebow to Vick to Rodgers to Brady. (It's a bit like saying "Oh! Don't let Brady play from the pocket! He might get tackled by a lineman and tear his ACL!")

(2) The concussion wasn't the result of a hit from a defensive player, who -- contrary to conventional wisdom -- don't actively seek out to headhunt QBs. It was a freak play where Tebow hit his own teammate's knee after being initially pressured by UK.

The concussion issue is very real (just go back to Teblog posts from late-September 2009). But the circumstances of Tebow's concussion make for a flimsy argument against his playing style.

-- Dan

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