Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Didn't Broncos Use Tebow?

One more piece of compelling evidence that John Fox doesn't have a great idea of what he's doing:

On anything-and-short -- let alone 3rd-and-short or 4th-and-short -- it should be Tebow Time. If Kyle Orton can't handle that, maybe he's not the "pro" everyone in the "brain trust" in Denver thinks he is.

If Fox doesn't recognize "Tebow short" as potentially one of the most efficient play-calls in his (or any) playbook, the Broncos coach is even worse than we thought he was.

The Broncos lost the game because John Fox didn't use Tim Tebow -- what compounds the error is that Fox didn't even THINK to use Tebow.

And, make no mistake, it cost the Broncos the game.

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  1. It's a sad state of affairs with this team. The one player who has the potential to revitalize this franchise and instill some hope in the very loyal fan base is getting passed over for a guy who will almost certainly never play in a Superbowl or even a conference championship game. There were a ton of Broncos fans at that game yesterday and nearly all of them were wearing the jerseys of players that had no impact on the outcome of the game either because of injury or because it has been SO LONG since the Broncos were a relevant and competitive team. Of course, there were a few Atwater, McCaffrey, Rod Smith, and Terrell Davis shirts and a good number of Bailey, Dumervil, Royal, and Moreno's as well, but the two you saw the most of were, without a doubt, Elway and Tebow.

    Past and present converge? Maybe(hopefully) more like past and future.