Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The "Start Tebow" Billboard Campaign

Hey: Why not?

(And, as with everything Tebow, these folks ARE going to get their money's worth -- in media coverage.)


  1. I HATE this billboard idea. If they're truly Bronco fans, instead of Tebow fans, it's totally unnecessary at this point.

    If Orton continues to be as anti-clutch as he's been, then Tim will be starting in a few games anyway. EFX don't want to look stupid &/or lose their jobs, after all. And if Orton becomes Mr Clutch, the Broncos will start winning more often, so no QB switch will need to be made.

    I could see this billboard-or a website-being necessary if Orton plays badly for another 3 or 4 games, & EFX refuse to bench him, but this is too soon.

    It's undoubtedly causing as much resentment towards Tim among some of his teammates as it's causing towards us TeBroncos by some longtime Broncos fans. And understandably so.

    But, as Dan pointed out, if these guys are really just in it for the self-pub, they're getting it. *sigh*

  2. Typically, Tim's the one that's coming out of this looking good. He's thanking the fans for their support, but says he'd rather have the $ for the billboards donated to charity: